Crowd of farmers in flannos next to 4wd vehicles, travla flag in the background

travla is on board with Farm Angels for Flanno For A Farmer 2024!

Most farmers would give the shirt off their own backs if it meant helping someone in need. Many have seen hard times and understand that a simple gesture can make a world of difference. While our Aussie farmers are pretty tough, just because they can handle a lot doesn't mean they should have to do it alone.

That's why this year travla is supporting Farm Angels for Flanno For A Farmer Day to get our community involved in raising money to support their work. We’re asking you to help us support the backbone of Australia and raise awareness for farmers and primary producers in need. Head over to the Flanno For A Farmer website to register your own fundraising page or donate directly, and find more information on the Farm Angels website.

Flanno For A Farmer


Register your fundraising page on Flanno For A Farmer and join Trav's Flanno Team!

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"I’m a fourth generation farmer, so I know how important the work Farm Angels do really is. Many years ago I remember my father shooting our whole mob of sheep in a drought and it was only two years ago my brother’s Lucerne farm was destroyed by flood.

I know farmers are raised to cop a lot, but that shouldn’t mean they have to do it alone. They are the backbone to our country.

Produce doesn’t get made at your local grocery stores. It gets made in our heartlands. So I’ll be chucking on my flanno on 23 Aug, and I’m excited to have travla supporting Aussie farmers along with us.

Get involved, sign up, raise some money for a great cause."
- Trav